PWCampbell Leadership
Relationships are at the forefront of our business.

The success of any company can be attributed to the foundational philosophy that continues to drive it forward. Our leadership is entrusted to keep the best interests of the company, our employees, and our clients front-of-mind, and we trust that they will continue to steer us down the path to success. For four generations, our leadership continues to exemplify honor and respect, putting relationships and personalization at the forefront of our business.

Board of Directors

PWCampbell Leadership Jim Campbell

Jim Campbell


PWCampbell Leadership John Campbell

John Campbell


PWCampbell Leadership J. Carlin Campbell

Carlin Campbell

Principal & CEO

PWCampbell Leadership Erin Campbell

Erin Campbell


Executive Team

PWCampbell Leadership Dean Giordano

Dean Giordano

Chief Operating Officer

PWCampbell Leadership Kevin Poirot

Kevin Poirot

Chief Strategy Officer

PWCampbell Leadership Ben Mahtani

Ben Mahtani

Senior Vice President & CIO/CTO

PWCampbell Leadership Glenn Grau

Glenn Grau

Executive Vice President, Sales

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