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Our Best in Class Branch Refresh Services were developed specifically to address the transformation needs of your financial institution, providing a cost-effective way to promote positive change and create brand cohesion within your branch environment.

Unlike other retailers that are constantly evolving, most financial institutions have developed intermittently over decades, leaving dramatic inconsistencies among branches within the same network. On average, 80% of all branches are over 20 years old! With dated furniture and finishing selections that are years past their life cycles, even the best branding/marketing strategy struggles to capture visitor attention. Employees often lack pride in a work environment that looks dated and run-down, hindering their ability to be successful brand ambassadors.

80% of branches are 20 years or older on average
On average, 80% of all branches are over 20 years old!

Marketing Leads the Charge

Every aspect of the office environment is important in a Branch Refresh, because…honestly? The entire branch IS the brand. This is clearly marketing’s opportunity to get involved. PWCampbell’s clients who undertake a Branch Refresh project elect to do so because of the opportunity for seamless marketing and branding experience at a fraction of the cost to renovate.   Like the difference between night and day, a Branch Refresh dramatically improves the office experience for employees and clients.

PWCampbell can tackle a single branch, multiple branches, or your entire network. There are many other reasons why this approach makes good business sense.

Before After

A Cue from Retail

If you are looking for a simple facility facelift, we can help. If you want something more in order to meet the changing needs of your markets, we can explore all the possibilities in our analysis to see if banking’s latest trends, many adopted from retail, may be right for you.  Is a technology bar in your future? Perhaps an integrated café, lounge, or dwelling area? Private, easy to access meeting areas and a more open floor plans are also in vogue, removing traditional physical barriers. From dialogue towers to learning spaces and from self-serve options to teller pods, we will leave no stone unturned in our effort to meet and exceed your expectations.

The Tools of Change

Our Branch Refresh services allow our team to work with you to re-define the look and feel of your branch office.  At PWCampbell, this process goes beyond a branded piece on an accent wall or directional signage. We have many tools at our fingertips to help us initiate change. We do our best to eliminate disruption to your daily operation, so we often perform work behind the scenes on nights and weekends.

In evaluating your makeover, we look at all the elements of your operation in our goal to give your branch new life.

Elements Include:

  • Flooring
  • Furniture
  • Lighting
  • Painting
  • Wall Coverings
  • Millwork
  • Casework
  • Counters
  • Que Line(s)
  • Accent Panels
  • Organization
  • Digital Support
  • Technology Integration

Focus on Meaningful Moments

At PWCampbell, a Branch Refresh is one of our most cost effective and popular services. We are good at what we do; we work hard to help you identify your client’s most meaningful moments in your branch. And then we translate these moments into an impactful, immersive experience. Bottom line, your future growth depends on your ability to keep your branch environment fresh. Our advice? Start now. Recognize the value and advantages that a Branch Refresh will deliver to your network. Give us a call. You are just a step away from achieving all you can imagine.

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If you think your financial institution needs a Branch Refresh, look no further than PWCampbell.
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