John Campbell


Accountability:  John ensures that the company’s mission, vision, and values endure from the third generation of ownership through the fourth.  He establishes and maintains strategic alliances and partnerships to help PWCampbell succeed now and into the future. He is intricately involved in planning for future development and diversification of the organization and its subsidiaries.  John is a member of the company’s Board of Directors.

“When I started as a laborer, the company had about 20 employees.  It’s incredible to see how we’ve grown to support more than 100 employees and how we’ve expanded our client base and the services we offer.  I’m really pleased to have been a part of this growth and to be on this side of bringing in the next generation.”

Clients will be surprised to know:

Every year a friend and I golf our age – in one day, walking. I won’t say how many holes we’re up to, but it takes a while.

We build more than just financial institutions. Explore PWCampbell’s other growing divisions:

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