Consulting Services

Consulting Services

In addition to our extensive Design-Build and Branch Experience capabilities, PWCampbell offers a wide variety of supportive services that many clients find helpful as they navigate the complex strategic planning process associated with facilities growth and improvement.

Our core Consulting Services are listed below.

Branch Optimization

Led by our expert team of former banking executives, with more than 50 years of combined hands-on experience, our Branch Optimization Program is a proven solution to increase profits and optimize employee and building performance by effectively modernizing your branch network.

During our Branch Optimization process, we will:

Complete a comprehensive demographic analysis of each location to determine market potential and competitive history, and to provide deposit and loan projections.

Conduct a detailed analysis of key financial elements and transactions.  This includes, but is not limited to, deposit and loan balances, three-year monthly transaction volumes, deposit market share, current book value, income, expenses, staffing levels, and profit/loss data for each branch location.

Perform an on-site analysis for each location and site to assess the general building conditions, systems, opportunities for better utilization of space, and areas of functional obsolescence.

Present individual recommendations based on the Branch Optimization Program findings to improve layouts and efficiencies, ensure effective branding and technology usage, and increase profitability and performance.

The result will provide you and your management team with a guide to prioritizing the necessary steps to ensure efficiency and effectiveness, and to maximize performance for each location.

Demographic Studies

Evaluating the future of your branch network can involve some tough and time-sensitive decisions. We take these decisions, break them down, and make them easier to navigate. Our comprehensive, Best in Class demographic studies provide the perfect road map so you can understand your market like never before. Whether you’re looking to expand into a new territory or simply need to update your existing branch to fit the needs of its current location, our in-depth market and data analysis provides the information you need to make an informed decision. 


  • Population breakdown with growth projections
  • Education and employment status
  • Number of households and annual income with growth projections
  • General demographic trends in the identified communities
  • Segmentation by lifestyle and demographics
  • Traffic volume
  • Commercial market snapshot complete with types of businesses and number of employees
  • Competitive market analysis complete with a 5-year history of deposits

This information will give you a clear, detailed picture of your surrounding market and a thorough understanding of the competitive make-up so you can drive profits, own your market, and set yourself up for future success.  

Prototype Design

No question, financial services environments are shifting to be experiential, and more like a retail  operation. Sending a clear and consistent brand image has never been more vital to the success of your brand. We have a deep history of developing and executing prototype designs that drive consistency and accentuate your brand, no matter how many markets you serve.

Best in Class Blueprint

Our in-house design team will thoroughly review your branch network to determine how best to convey your brand throughout your branches.  This review will give our designers a vision of what your brand is and how to cascade it throughout your branch experience. We will then translate that vision into an innovative, Best in Class prototype design that will act as a blueprint and give a much better visual understanding of the look and feel of your brand. 

Once the prototype design is established and approved, we will easily execute the design across your current retail branch network with renovations, while maintaining consistency for your future growth with new builds, giving your brand and branches a consistent and uniformed look.  

Site Selection

Sometimes you know exactly where your next retail branch site should be located, but in some instances, it’s just not that clear. Whether you’re looking to lease or purchase a piece of land or an existing building, our experienced in-house real estate professionals can help find the right site at the right price.  We then use our negotiation expertise to save our clients significant amounts of money.


With decades of prior banking experience under their belts, our experts can assist with guiding you to make the right decision based on information obtained through a comprehensive market demographic analysis and due diligence on both the land and building.

Limit Risk

Our goal is to assure both marketability and buildability to minimize our clients’ risk. We help you weigh your options based on location, accessibility, lot size, and development costs to make sure your chosen location is the perfect one for your project. Selecting the appropriate site is a time-consuming effort. Let us do the heavy lifting for you.

Name Change

Financial institutions are often faced with having to change their name because of a merger, rebrand, or expansion activity. Our extensive background in branding, marketing, and market research, along with our industry expertise, will guide you through this with our thorough Name Change Facilitation Process. 

We dive deep into our client’s branding, marketing, operations, employees, competitors and consumers. We start by conducting a wholistic review of the financial institution, taking into consideration culture, clients, community support, employee engagement and influence. 

We are unrivaled.

If you find you have a need for support in an area not listed here, please reach out. With the depth of our experience in financial facilities, chances are good that we can help! 

We are glad to discuss any of our consulting services in more detail.

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