Strategic Facility Planning

Strategic Facility Planning

Have you ever sat in a board or management meeting and asked or heard questions such as:

  • Should we build a branch in a certain market?
  • How do we bring our branches up to date, which ones, and where do we start?
  • Should we consolidate, move, or close a certain branch?
  • What about technology? Is it a good idea to incorporate it into our branches?
  • Where are we going to put this new employee? We are out of space in the main office!
Branch Optimization Conference Room

You most likely have heard these questions at one, two, or maybe even three or four meetings. And unfortunately, either they aren’t getting answered or they aren’t addressed correctly.

PWCampbell’s Strategic Facility Planning process helps you to answer these questions and many more about all your facilities. Our process is a holistic, systematic approach that involves your Management Team or Board Members in establishing priorities, setting goals to address the priorities, and then developing strategies to meet the goals. Each goal and strategy will have detailed deadlines and responsibility assignments. The Plan also includes a tool to ensure accountability, the “Plan-to-Plan”. This guarantees the Plan does not sit idle but is followed through efficiently and in a timely manner.

Asking questions about your facilities and never getting answers or falling short on follow through will cause your branches and main office to stay “as is.” Status quo is not the answer. Strategic Facility planning is!

Of course, there are many other reasons why we are Best in Class. We take pride in the fact that the overwhelming majority of our clients stay with us for their next project, and the project after that, and the project after that. Find out more about our many capabilities by contacting us.

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