Ben Mahtani

Senior Vice President & CIO/CTO

Accountability:  Ben directs and manages both our internal IT systems and staff as well as our Technology Solutions team to deliver the most cutting-edge technological products and platforms to our clients.  In more than a decade with PWCampbell, Ben has advanced our technology services, leading to the development and implementation of our BrandvisionHD software.  He has also greatly enhanced security with both our internal and external offerings.  Ben serves as a member of the PWCampbell Planning Committee.

“Technology is an everchanging landscape. While you can’t know everything, you can continue to learn new things every day. My goal is to challenge what we think we know about technology constantly, to improve our internal systems for our employees, and to develop custom innovative solutions that surpass the goals of our clients.”

Clients will be surprised to know:

I am extremely competitive. I love sports and board games. I play and coach soccer and basketball, and also enjoy tennis, table tennis, pool, and golf recreationally.

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