Dean Giordano

Chief Operating Officer

Accountability:  An accomplished designer and knowledgeable construction professional, Dean has been an integral part of every aspect of our design-build processes since joining PWCampbell in 2001.  As Chief Operating Officer, Dean oversees day-to-day operations including business development, design, preconstruction, project performance, and warranty/quality control for each project.  Dean also serves as a member of the PWCampbell Planning Committee.

“I always encourage the design team to think creatively and introduce new design techniques and materials to meet our clients’ project needs, goals, and budgets. Additionally, I always push to ensure the communication between our team and the client is above and beyond expectations during the preconstruction and construction stages of the process. For me, the most rewarding part of my job is the feeling I get at the end of a project when a client realizes that our team has turned their vision into reality and says ‘thank you’.”

Clients will be surprised to know:

I’m an 80s rock drummer at heart. Even though I can’t read music, at the age of seven I taught myself to listen to a song and play it. To this day, I still jam out on a drum kit that would rival any of the arena hair bands.

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