Erin Campbell

-4th generation

Accountability:  As a fourth-generation Owner, Erin joined the company in 2004, working in Marketing and Public Relations.  As Principal, she continues the legacy of PWCampbell, assuring profitable growth and promoting the company’s image and reputation for integrity.  A liaison with state level associations, Erin works to promote our capabilities at events and industry conferences.  She also oversees our Marketing and Human Resource teams to continue the company’s history of excellence for our clients and employees and serves as the company media and PR contact.  Erin is a member of the PWCampbell Board and Planning Committee.

“Being part of the fourth generation is a true honor.  I love incorporating what I’ve learned over the years with the challenges of each day.  Seeing the company grow and thrive through the experiences of our clients, employees, and vendors is the most inspiring part of my job.  I am looking forward to continued success in the decades to come.”

Clients will be surprised to know:

Tradition, ancestry, and heritage are a constant inspiration in my life. My grandmother has always been a key role model for me. In her memory, I almost always paint my nails red, which is just my way of keeping her close.

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