With a dedicated, experienced Preconstruction team, we lay the necessary groundwork to ensure a smooth transition into the Construction phase of your project.

We start by performing a site investigation to uncover any potential challenges we may face through construction, along with an environmental assessment if needed. We advise you on environmental issues, ADA requirements, structural concerns, and other important factors that may play a role in the proposed project. We conduct a site survey and a geotechnical investigation to obtain information on the soil, earthworks, and foundations for the proposed site.

Research & Requirements

Once the data is gathered, we work hand-in-hand with local authorities to research and identify all governmental requirements for your project. We investigate all permits required at the state and local level and attend government meetings and hearings in person to lobby on your behalf. With a process as thorough as ours, you can rest assured that we’ll leave no stone unturned, both figuratively and literally.

Of course, there are many other reasons why we are Best in Class. We take pride in the fact that the overwhelming majority of our clients stay with us for their next project, and the project after that, and the project after that. Find out more about our many capabilities by contacting us.

We build more than just financial institutions. Explore PWCampbell’s other growing divisions:

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