Our Story

The Origin

The BrandVisionHD story is beautifully simple. PWCampbell has a long history as a trusted partner for financial institutions. Our clients look to PWCampbell for recommendations on… well, almost everything. As a company with vision, we continually analyze services our clients need, having the foresight to find gaps, which lead to opportunities.

The Vision (by the visionaries)

Enter Kevin Poirot, (pictured on the left) currently PWCampbell’s Chief Strategy Officer. Kevin envisioned enhancing PWCampbell’s growing Branded Environments division by offering digital signage software, implementation services, and technical support, all wrapped up in one neat add-on package. No more referring clients to other companies. The problem: Kevin was far from a tech guy. We needed an up-and-coming nerd with vision. Finding one was easier than we thought – he was working as an IT consultant for PWCampbell. Ben Mahtani, (pictured on the right) currently the SVP & CIO/CTO, was the puzzle piece we were missing for our growth and success. Adding him to the team paved the way for the future.

Kevin Poirot and Ben Mahtani. The BrandVisionHD Visionaries.
Kevin Poirot (left) and Ben Mahtani (right). The BrandVisionHD Visionaries.

The Boom

Partnering with various software companies, hardware manufacturers, suppliers, and other AV providers, PWCampbell quickly exploded into a powerhouse technology firm for the financial services industry, surpassing thousands of managed screens, conference room systems, tablets, kiosks, and custom touchscreen platforms in a few short years. No matter what technology we installed, our mission remained the same: ensure an unparalleled experience for our clients by providing great products, services, and the most responsive customer support.

And it worked – we became a URC multi-award winning team for Unsurpassed Best Commercial Installation (Gold and Bronze) and Unsurpassed Most Unique Installation (Silver).

URC Unsurpassed Awards

The Hurdle

As PWCampbell grew its digital signage and technology footprint, the management team became increasingly aware of an obstacle blocking our way. Our growth and path to success was limited by software platforms that weren’t specifically developed, secured, and maintained for the financial industry. As a symbiotic partner to financial institutions, PWCampbell realized that software companies that didn’t align with the priorities of financial institutions weren’t aligning with our priorities either.

The Digital Signage Revolution

Our digital signage solutions are intuitive, making changes to content quick and easy. All of your content is stored in a centralized, secure location in the cloud and seamlessly delivered to your branches. We push content updates automatically, ensuring you always have the latest marketing campaigns running throughout your entire branch network, leaving you completely hands-off at the branch level. Your consumers will enjoy the latest digital signage content feeds, expertly mixed with your marketing content.

Say goodbye to blank screens and outdated content.

S3: Secure, Simple, Stable

Secure infrastructure developed for the financial industry, by technology leaders, in a secure environment. Simple software designed by digital signage experts, based on direct feedback from financial marketing professionals. A stable platform that exceeds the compliance requirements of the financial industry. All wrapped into the Best in Class PWCampbell experience. Secure. Simple. Stable. BrandVisionHD was born.

The Launch (To the moon)

BrandVisionHD was launched in 2023 to raucous fanfare and excitement. Clients jumped at the sight of BrandVisionHD. Over 1,500 screens were deployed in under 12 months and the feedback has been tremendous.

The Future

BrandVisionHD continues to grow at a rapid pace. Why? We listen. And we promise to continue listening, improving, and innovating based on your feedback.

Call us today to experience why everyone’s switching to BrandVisionHD.

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