Branded Environments

Branded Environments

Over half the bank branches in the U.S. were built over twenty years ago, designed to serve a different type of consumer with entirely different needs than today’s more sophisticated banking customer. How do banks keep these branch spaces feeling energized and updated without the cost or intrusiveness of a renovation?

As the branch’s role in your retail delivery program evolves rapidly, it is more important than ever to elevate the performance and profitability of your retail network through innovative branding, merchandising, and staff-engagement programs.

Outdoor BrandingOur dedicated retail branding team has positively influenced more than 10,000 branches and has over 40 years of combined experience. We have the knowledge and experience to develop and implement engaging, impactful, and scalable solutions for projects of all sizes, from single locations to large-scale network transformation programs touching dozens, even hundreds of branches.

With our heritage in architectural design, skilled construction, and a niche focus on the banking industry, there is simply no other firm that can execute in branch renewal like PWCampbell. As outlined below, our operations and capabilities are fully integrated from site selection and survey through branding, architecture, and the ensuing execution.

Services include:

  • Brand positioning and identity
  • Branch acquisition strategy
  • Merchandising strategy
  • Fixture, casework, and millwork design
  • BrandVisionHD digital signage
  • Interactive displays
  • Way-finding and in-branch communications
  • Retail readiness audits
  • Facility fitness analysis

Allow PWCampbell to better express what makes your institution unique in your most important brand channel – your branches. See more at

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