James Gerdun

Vice President & Director, Project Management

Accountability: Oversees project management policies, processes, and procedures; works with the Preconstruction team to ensure a seamless transition into the construction phase; ensures that the highest level of quality is delivered, while adhering to stringent time deadlines and established budgets; guarantees total project success and client satisfaction.

“I truly love what I do.  I look at myself every morning and prepare my to do list, and then every evening I review what was accomplished and will not give up until we’ve overcome any challenges.  I want us to shake our client’s hand at the end of each project and hear they can’t wait for the next project.”

Clients will be surprised to know:

In my office, I have two of the seats PWCampbell owned from the Civic Arena where the Pittsburgh Penguins played for many years before. It’s a fun part of history that people sit in during meetings while we plan for future success.

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