Bub Caliendo

Vice President & Director, Preconstruction

Accountability: Oversees the Preconstruction and Land Development department; works closely with the Design team to prepare accurate budgets; works with in-house Architects and Project Managers to ensure plans are carried through from design to construction.

“I started working as a laborer for a subsidiary of PWCampbell when I was 16 years old and worked my way through multiple positions in the company to get to where I am today.  Having that kind of hands-on experience from such a young age gave me a great foundation and all-around knowledge of not only construction, but of PWCampbell as a whole.  I have a lot of pride working for a firm that has been so instrumental in my life, and it’s something I do not take for granted.”

Clients will be surprised to know:

I used to be in a band and still play and collect guitars.

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