Jake Morrison

Manager, Technology Solutions

Accountability:  Jake oversees all aspects of technology projects, including project scheduling, equipment programming and testing, client communications, purchasing and inventory management, and coordinating installations.  He also manages our award-winning Technology Solutions team. 

“I love working at PWCampbell because every day brings an exciting new challenge.  Much like the ever-changing technology world, what we do at PWCampbell evolves constantly.  Our team is continually researching new technology and improving upon current technology and processes to offer the latest and best products to our clients.”

Clients will be surprised to know:

I am a long-distance trail runner and a short-distance triathlete. I have competed in trail races from 5k to 50k and have been competing in sprint triathlons every summer since 2014. I enjoy the rigorous training, planning, and preparation needed to be successful and competitive in these types of endurance sports.

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