PeoplesBank, A Codorus Valley Bank

Our relationship with PeoplesBank started more than a decade ago with a prototype that was then rolled into multiple new branches and renovations.

The original prototype is still used today, but it hasn’t remained stagnant; it’s evolved over time to include innovative technology elements throughout their branch network.  As PeoplesBank evolved so did our designs, with the creation of the Connections Center concept, that includes conversation spaces along with a concierge area to assist their customers with their digital banking needs.  We successfully implemented the first Connections Center in the Bank’s Lebanon, PA location, with two subsequent locations utilizing this innovative concept in their branch renovations.

The Connections Center concept includes custom software that offers a touchscreen experience for customers along with audio through the branch.  Zones were created to play internet radio or provide white noise where privacy is needed. The original Connection Center showcases two 98” touchscreens and a 23’ curved LED screen. 

Client Testimonial

We like the fact that PWCampbell is a family owned, third generation company that takes charge of a project. They personally have the capability to oversee our projects from start to finish ensuring the minutest of details is met to our satisfaction without the unnecessary involvement on our part.
Todd Tyson, Senior Vice President
PeoplesBank, A Codorus Valley Company

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