First National Bank

Our relationship with First National Bank has evolved into a deep, mutually-rewarding partnership encompassing every discipline within our Company and touching every area of their branch network. 

Our design-build team worked closely with FNB to design an updated, eye-catching prototype branch including new builds, interior and exterior renovations, and fit-outs of retail space.  With much of the work being done in operational branches, cascading this look throughout their branch network required careful planning, including extensive phasing plans and coordination during construction to ensure “business as usual” for FNB and their customers.

In addition to an extensive design-build program, FNB has relied on our Branded Environments and Technology Solutions experts on hundreds of projects, positively influencing every location in the 400-plus branch network with branding and digital solutions, starting with a 125-branch conversion over a single weekend.  Most recently FNB has put their trust in our unique Branded Environments refresh services to provide a more comprehensive, immersive, multi-sensory branded environment experience that impacts everything the customer can see, feel, and touch.  Influencing branches in a more complete manner with lighting, flooring, and paint, along with key digital and brand experiences, leads to an overall experience that is completely on brand.      

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