Signs You Need A Branch Refresh

Take a look at your office.  Now, REALLY take a good, long, objective look!  Is it starting to look old?  Worn?  Outdated?  Just plain blah? There's no time like the present to consider a top to bottom makeover.

Our Best in Class Branch Refresh services are intended to help your marketing team define YOUR brand. Why? Because in today’s world, your branch IS your brand, and it’s all about the experience and finding those moments that matter in your office environment.

Here are some tell-tale signs that you are in need of a Brand Refresh:

Employees are so embarrassed by their workplace that they leave their kids at home on “Take your child to work day.”

The furniture has not changed since the branch opened in 1989.

Your office closely resembles (or smells like) a dentist office, a funeral home, or your great grandmother’s house.

You have strategically placed your brochure rack, so it covers a patch of worn carpeting.

You can see a wire – any wire — in plain view.

Your employees eat lunch in a storage room.

You recognize the décor style of your office in viewing nostalgic internet posts.

The only digital screen in your branch is your customer’s phone.

There is clutter everywhere and no place to store anything.

There is not an LED light in sight.

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Brian Laurinaitis, National Accounts Executive, Branded Environments

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