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Urban & Multifamily

Right Where It All Started

PWCampbell is one of the most trusted names in urban residential, commercial and multi-family housing within the Pittsburgh market. With over 100 years of experience and success, PWCampbell prides itself on quality service, expertise, and dedication to making buildings that are beautiful and durable.

With a competency to both build and assist in the development of some of the region’s most beautiful high end houses to quality affordable housing, PWCampbell’s residential team understands the challenges of urban development and keeps the desires, goals, and budget of the stakeholder in mind.

We believe that all homes need to be beautiful, comfortable and efficient. That’s why we are an Energy Star and Passive House certified builder. Ask us about how we can incorporate these building systems

“There are a lot of moving parts during construction and a lot of money flowing around. Construction is a stressful time as an owner and I found great comfort in knowing that PWCampbell was going to deliver. I would not think twice about choosing to work with PWCampbell again.”
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Benjamin Maguire, Emerge Real Estate