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Branded Environments

How We Help You

Services include:

  • Brand environments
  • Brand positioning
  • Identity & name transformation
  • Retail readiness audits
  • Facility fitness analysis
  • In-branch communications
  • Static merchandising
  • Dynamic merchandising
  • Retail transformation installation
  • Digital signage
  • Technology Solutions
  • Video walls
  • Kiosks


Acquiring institutions face unique challenges in their branches. They must deliver a seamless experience in branches they did not design and with staff unfamiliar with the brand experience. A customer’s first visit to the branch post-conversion can be a moment of truth for all future buying decisions.

PWCampbell can help you navigate the high-stakes and complex challenges involved in re-branding acquired branches. Our unique methodology defines the brand position and personality of your institution, and our creative team creates a branch branding strategy around that identity. We create modern, repeatable merchandising strategies that allow your marketing team to express consistent, coherent product messaging throughout the combined network. And lastly, our implementation teams can meet nearly any installation requirements, having converted hundreds of branches for a single client in a 48-hour conversion weekend.


Smart financial institutions regularly revisit their brand identity to ensure they are presenting a compelling value proposition and modern brand personality to today’s sophisticated banking customer. Unfortunately, many financial institutions ignore the branch channel during the brand refreshment process, seeing it as a static channel that is too costly and time-consuming to update.

PWCampbell turns this thinking on its head, with a cost-effective set of strategies to reimagine branches to be in line with the rest of your brand outlets including mobile, web, and advertising. Just as you might refresh your logo, website, or marketing materials, the branch is a key brand channel that needs to be revisited regularly from a branding perspective to maintain its relevance. The benefits are felt not just by your visitors, but your staff who are to live and breathe your brand personality every day.

We Handle it All

Organic or Acquisition Growth

PWCampbell understands that now it is more important than ever to elevate the performance and profitability of your retail network through innovative branding, merchandising, and staff engagement programs.

Our dedicated retail branding team has positively influenced more than 10,000 branches and has over 40 years of combined retail branding experience. We have the knowledge and expertise to develop and implement engaging, impactful, and scalable solutions for every sized project, from single locations to large-scale network transformation programs.