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Studio 109 Designs

Full-Service Architecture

Studio 109 Designs, LLC is a full-service architecture company serving PWCampbell as part of it’s Design/Build process, with Schematic Design, Design Development, Construction Documents, Facility/Building Analysis, Code/Life Safety/ADA review, Interior Design Services, Branding and Merchandising consultation, and Furniture consultation. Studio 109 Designs, LLC employs the latest visual presentation technology and interior design techniques in AutoCAD, 3D Modeling, and 360º imagery. With a keen eye for detail, Studio 109 Designs, LLC provides exemplary support in coordinating color, lighting, furniture, fixtures, finishes, and accessories.

"PWCampbell was able to provide us customized solutions to address our specific areas of concern. They went above and beyond what most standard office furniture suppliers can do."
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Kate Fischer, President and CEO, Metamora State Bank

Site Investigation

No two sites are ever the same, making the investigation and evaluation a cross between science and art. We have developed an extensive site investigation process that asks the right questions and helps mitigate the inherent risks of purchasing property. Site investigation consists of:

  • Immediate site investigation to identify all governmental procedures necessary for the project.
  • Interviewing officials and researching over 100 questions vital to the success of the property
  • Investigating 75 different permit types
  • Regulation and Compliance support
    • Environmental Assessment
    • National Register of Historic Places Assessment (NHPA)

Site Engineering

The amount of time, effort and money we save our clients is often under estimated by those who have never been through the site permitting process. Every municipality is different, which is why our team has become so proficient at navigating this process. Our experience and detailed knowledge of the impacts a financial institution has on a variety of areas allows us to answer just about any question or objection to site development. These might include, but are not limited to:

  • Environment
  • Traffic
  • Parking
  • Noise
  • Lighting
  • Historical

Our method takes strides to identify the process early on and hold meetings where possible to expedite site permitting.

Final Construction Drawings

Our construction documents have been cited by professional reviewers across the country as the best they have ever seen. Combine this fact, with our vast number of years of expertise within the industry, and it is easy to see how our construction documents allow our clients to benefit from the accuracy. In fact, our construction documentation process is so strong that our standard is what others call fast tracked.

Creative Design

  • Value Engineering and Estimate Adherence
  • Code Compliance
  • Integrated Interior Design, Branding and Merchandising, and Furniture Documentation
  • Equipment Coordination
  • ADA Compliance evaluation
  • Coordination of Structural, Mechanical, Electrical and Plumbing Engineering
  • Site Engineering Discipline Coordination
  • Final Permitting
  • Fast Track Architectural Documentation


Designing a facility that is functional and able to meet the needs of both the staff and those they serve does not end with a floor plan. Furniture selection and accessories are vital to supporting those roles of your staff while they execute on your brand position. With over 30 lines of furniture, we have the necessary resources to meet every need. The furniture is selected with the end user in mind and the brand personality while keeping a keen eye on budgets.

The following services are part of our turnkey furniture solution:

  • Comprehensive Work Environment Planning
  • Detailed Furniture Specification
  • Procurement and Value Engineering
  • Installation
  • Coordination with Interior Design, Branding and Merchandising and Construction Documents

Interior Design

The final touches that cohesively tie a building together center on good interior design. Our interior design team benefits our clients by:

  • Specialization and Familiarity with Life Cycle Values Specific to Use in Financial Institutions
  • Budget Control Through Product Cost Awareness
  • Design Coordination with Brand Expectations and Corporate Image

Branded Environments

Merchandising, or in-branch communications, is vital to the sales and success of the branch. Our in-depth knowledge of financial purchasing behavior, consumer mapping, interior design, and fixtures allows us to execute a plan to maximize the return on investment. Our comprehensive strategy will remove the clutter and deliver a powerful message that drives sales.

In addition to custom fixtures we have a standard product line that includes:

  • Wayfinding
  • Kiosks
  • Wall Frames
  • Community Message Boards
  • Check Desk Fixtures
  • Teller Clutter Control
  • Mandatory and Compliance Signage
  • Name Units
  • Drive Up Messaging
  • Literature Dispensers
  • Digital Signage