A Spotlight on Jim Caliendo – From Capital Analytics Associates Invest: Pittsburgh Spotlight Series

Pittsburgh, PA – PWCampbell President & CEO, Jim Caliendo, was featured in a recent edition of Capital Analytics and Associates Invest: Pittsburgh Spotlight Series. Caliendo spoke about our company, technology, and some of the biggest challenges hitting the Pittsburgh commercial market today.

Caliendo began with the recent highlights of the company over the past 12 months, touching on the recent explosion of demand within the technology, branding, and residential verticals of the company, as well as the recent expansion of the firm overall.

“Because of our growth, we had to add to our team,” Caliendo said. “We decided we needed professionals with more experience, especially during these times. Instead of looking for someone with five years of experience, we looked for people with 15 years of experience.” He added, “It is amazing to me seeing the difference already this year. The staff is more experienced than it has ever been and they are showing it.”

Jim Caliendo Speaker

Caliendo went on to discuss the advantages and challenges of being in the Pittsburgh area, calling specifically to the affordability and competitiveness of the market, pointing out the increasing number of construction companies trying to penetrate the Pittsburgh area. Despite healthy competition, Caliendo was quick to point out the benefits of PWCampbell’s employee-first culture, and the impact that it’s had on retention.

“The market is so competitive, so as tough as it is to hire it is equally as tough to retain them. We believe fostering a long-term, good company culture keeps our people here for 10 to 20 years, and that is what the younger generation wants. Culture and companies that adapt to their personal and social needs is important to them.”

Caliendo concluded the interview by commenting on the future of the company, noting that a continued expansion was imminent through the diversification of technology into other industries, enlarging PWCampbell’s footprint for community banks and credit unions, and a boost in the commercial and residential aspects of the company. 

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