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What is BrandVisionHD?

BrandVisionHD is a best in class Digital Signage and Content Management System provided by PWCampbell. Our platform features:

  • Centralized Cloud-based Digital Signage Management
  • Drag and Drop Web-Based Interface
  • Encrypted Communication
  • System Alerts and Notifications
  • Touchscreen Capable
  • Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, PowerPoint, Excel, Outlook and many other integrations
  • Content Creation Services
  • Free Training and 24/7 Technical Support



Why Use BrandVisionHD?

Over the years, PWCampbell has become a reliable source for design/build and is now also a trusted name in providing digital signage and other technology solutions. We offer affordable and customized options that fit your individual business needs. With BrandVisionHD, you’ll received free, integrated weekly content, free training and support, state of the art technology, and expert design and installation.

Facts About Digital Marketing

  • 83% of learning is done visually.
  • 36,000 visuals can be registered inside the brain in 1 hour.
  • 47% of viewers specifically recall seeing an ad on a digital display.
  • Customers see your organization as modern, progressive, and keeping up with the times.
  • 63% of business professionals report that advertisements on digital signage catch their attention significantly higher than any other media.
  • 47% of audiences retain information receive on digital signage 30 days after exposure.

Whether you’ve worked with PWCampbell in the past, or are simply looking for a digital solution, let our signage experts guide you in the right direction. For more information or to schedule a demo, contact us at

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Recent Installation

PWCampbell’s BrandVisionHD division recently designed and implemented a 12 screen video wall at the new headquarters of Orrstown Bank in Downtown Harrisburg, PA. The giant video display measures 7 ft by 15ft and is capable of displaying images, videos, and live web feeds in stunning 4K high definition. Check out a video of the installation!