Upcoming Conferences

5/14/18 – 5/16/18: Virginia Bankers Association: VBAConnect Conference
Williamsburg Lodge, VA
Erin Campbell attending

5/16/18 – 5/19/18: Pennsylvania Bankers Association: Annual Convention
Naples, FL
Glenn Grau and Jim Caliendo attending

5/17/18 – 5/18/18: Maine CU League: Convention 2018
Portland, ME
Alan DeToma attending

5/20/18 – 5/22/18: PA Credit Union League: Annual Convention – Connect 2018
Farmington, PA
Glenn Grau attending

6/7/18 – 6/10/18: Credit Union Association of New York: Annual Convention
Saratoga, NY
Joe Bullister, Adam Merante, and Jim Caliendo attending

6/17/18 – 6/20/18: Virginia Bankers Association: Annual Convention
Hot Springs, VA
Glenn Grau and Jim Caliendo attending

6/19/18 – 6/22/18: Michigan Bankers Association/Ohio Bankers League: Joint Annual Convention
Mackinac Island, MI
Brian Hillegass and Adam Merante attending

7/31/18 – 8/2/18: Community Bankers Association of Ohio: Annual Convention & Trade Show
Sandusky, OH
Brian Hillegass and Erin Campbell attending

9/6/18 – 9/8/18: PA Credit Union Association: Fall Leadership Conference
Seven Springs, PA
Glenn Grau attending

9/20/18 – 9/23/18: PA Community Bankers: Annual Convention
Palm Beach, FL
Glenn Grau attending
Jim Caliendo, President, to speak on “Operations Centers: Optimize Space for Greatest Efficiency”

9/23/18 – 9/25/18: American Bankers Association: Bank Marketing Conference
Baltimore, MD
Andrew Johnson and Zach Boyers attending

10/10/18 – 10/12/18: Cooperative Credit Union Association: Annual Meeting, Convention & Trade Show
Mohegan Sun, CT
Alan DeToma attending

10/22/18 – 10/24/18: New Jersey Credit Union League: Annual Meeting & Convention
Atlantic City, NJ
Adam Merante attending

10/28/18 – 10/31/18: New York Bankers Association: Financial Services Forum
Naples FL
Adam Merante attending

11/7/18: Ohio Bankers League: Annual Meeting
Columbus, OH
Brian Hillegass attending