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Lynne M. Green

Director of Marketing

Lynne came to PWCampbell with more than twenty years of experience in marketing and strategic planning at Fidelity Bank, where she held the position of Vice President of Marketing.   Her vast skills in planning, public relations, and communications make her a welcome new addition and an asset to our team of professionals.

At PWCampbell, Lynne is responsible for providing PWCampbell clients with the marketing research and demographic studies needed to make intelligent decisions about branch expansion opportunities and site selection. Lynne also develops surveys, telephone interviews, and questionnaires for PWCampbell clients, including those directed at ascertaining awareness, branding, facility expansion, and service levels. The analyses and summaries provided by Lynne include topics such as product use, risk assessment, due diligence review of current facilities, branch profitability, and deposit potential. She also provides qualitative and quantitative evaluations of the competitive environment.

“The most important thing to me is client satisfaction.  To me, that means, learning their expectations, making sure that I have the appropriate information to complete the job, and then completing it in a manner that allows my personality to come through.  Leaving a great impression isn’t just my job, it’s my personal goal.”

What books are on Lynne’s nightstand:  “Honestly, “Potty Training with Elmo” and “Green Eggs and Ham”.  I wish I could come up with something more profound, but that’s my focus at home these days!”

University of Dayton, Ohio
Bachelor of Arts Degree
Communications Management

University of Colorado
Bank Marketing School

Northwestern University
Bank Marketing School