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Kurt E. Liebmann

Project Designer

Following a career involving collaboration with developers, owners and contractors to transform architectural concepts into detailed sketches, Kurt brings 15+ years of ingenuity, skill and creativity. His expert designs help to actualize hotels, hospitals, car dealerships as well as financial institutions. His resume includes architectural and multi-discipline drawings for Carnegie Mellon University and his skill set is a valuable asset to our company.

Kurt’s primary duties include the coordination of client programming, the development of preliminary designs and the execution of field verification duties as necessary to individual projects.

“I believe that I am successful because I love what I do. I get up in the morning and enjoy coming to work. Being able to bring my years of design and construction documentation to this fast-paced design world had been both a challenge and a personal accomplishment for me. I’m proud of what I do and I’m proud to be a part of the team.”

Favorite quote: “Less is only more where more is no good.”
~ Frank Lloyd Wright

Pittsburgh Technical Institute
Computer Aided Design Program, Concentration: Architectural Drafting