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Kevin W. Poirot

Executive Vice President of Branded Environments

Kevin joined PWCampbell in 1998 and since then has developed steadily into positions of increasing responsibility to his current position as Senior Vice President of Retail Communications.  Kevin’s range of experience with PWCampbell and Studio 109 Designs has helped him build a distinct perspective about the industry. His knowledge and grasp of expressing unique financial brands in the physical branch environment make him an invaluable resource for our clients.  Kevin also serves as a member of the company’s planning committee.

Kevin’s primary responsibility is to oversee all operations and strategies for PWCampbell’s Branding and Merchandising products and services.  His recent efforts have focused on large-scale, regional to national rollout programs for branding, environmental graphics, merchandising, and digital marketing.

Kevin understands the importance of creating and maintaining a brand and the pressures faced by financial institutions to maximize what they spend in their retail networks.  He will work with our clients to manage the expectations, deliverables, and post-implementation support required to develop, implement, and sustain a successful retail communications program.

“My most rewarding experience at PWCampbell was when we converted 127 branches in 48 hours from one brand to another. But what I enjoy most is the process of creating uniquely branded environments.  The conceptual phase and vision can be invigorating while executing and implementing require an equal amount of creativity and fortitude.”

Favorite quote:  “The map is not the territory.”  ~Alfred Korzybski~

Vanderbilt University
Bachelor of Arts Degree
Organizational Communication