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Jim Gerdun

Vice President & Director, Project Management 

Jim’s thorough understanding and deep appreciation for the building industry began in his early years by visiting job sites with his architect father.  He then began his career by creating blueprints before he came to PWCampbell as a construction Superintendent.  His talent was recognized early-on and he was promoted to Project Manager and later, to lead the Construction Operations team.  Shortly after that Jim was named Chief Estimator where he served for several years before being promoted to Preconstruction Services.

As PWCampbell’s Chief Estimator, Jim will calculate the cost of a project by examining drawings and specifications and identifying labor and marketing requirements.  He will work closely with our Design and Construction Teams to determine the best pricing strategies for our clients. “I’m a believer in the quote “if you love what you do, you’ll never work a day in your life” and that’s how I feel about my profession.  I will not give up until I’ve overcome all challenges because I know that problems will always work out if you truly care about what you do.  I want to shake our client’s hand both at the beginning and at the end of each project and the ultimate compliment is when that client invites us back for the next project. I do everything possible to make sure that happens.” What books are on Jim’s nightstand?  “Lots of trade magazines, as I’m always studying new and better ways to build.  I also enjoy American history, so I have books on our country’s heroes and their success stories.  Lastly, I read books on management, motivation and team organization.”

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