Eric Marlo

Managing Director, Marketing, Creative, & Sales Support

Accountability: Oversees the Marketing Department; drives the overall omnichannel creative, marketing, and branding strategies; provides direct sales support through print, web, e-mail, and digital marketing methods.

“To me, there’s beauty in the chaos of creative design. Taking an ad from an initial idea or brainstorm and building it out into a campaign that really drives the message, that’s special. Sometimes it’s crystal clear, and you have the concept already laid out in your mind – you know what you want to say, and exactly how to say it; but most times it’s like a hurricane in your brain with color, imagery, copy, typography, and sometimes none of it makes any sense until you start working collectively as a team to put the pieces together one by one, then suddenly it all falls into place. There’s magic in that.  I feel privileged to be a part of a company that encourages me to explore creatively and collaborate freely to drive results. I think it is important to take some risk with design, especially from a marketing perspective, and I am fortunate to have the opportunity to thrive.”

Clients will be surprised to know:

When not spending my time coaching on the softball or baseball diamond, I am an avid musician and recording artist.

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