Bub Caliendo

Director of Project Management

Bub started his career at PWCampbell as a laborer, performing various on-site construction tasks. Shortly after, he became a union carpenter and completed a four-year apprenticeship. Early in that apprenticeship, he was brought into the office at PWCampbell as an Assistant Project Manager and was promoted to Project Manager a few years later, where he ran projects from Ohio through Virginia and the Carolinas. His success in that position awarded him his most recent promotion to Director of Project Management, where all Project Managers report to him on a daily basis. He assists those PMs from the initial drawing review and bidding process through the completion of a project. After bi-weekly meetings on every project currently under construction, he is responsible for reporting the results of those meetings to PWCampbell’s company owners and to upper management. His vast experience and extensive knowledge of construction serve as an asset to this process.

As Director of Project Management, Bub takes pride in tracking all projects and keeping PWCampbell’s construction department process current. “Nothing has ever made me more proud than when PWCampbell entrusted me to supervise the entire project management staff. Along with that responsibility comes my promise to make PWCampbell as successful as possible, while ensuring that our clients receive a first-rate experience and a first-rate facility”.

Favorite vacation spot: Hilton Head Island, but Bub hopes to visit Italy and Greece one day.

Four-Year Carpentry Apprenticeship Program
Greater PA Carpenters

Associates Degree in Construction Estimating
Community College of Allegheny County