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Kara Berteotti

Design Architect

Skilled and experienced in both design and construction, Kara Berteotti enjoys working collaboratively with clients to develop creative, functional and feasible architectural solutions. With a passion for problem solving, collaborative thinking and virtual architectural modeling, Kara serves as a Project Designer, leading clients through the design process as they explore and refine design solutions. She coordinates and works with the entire team and the client from programming, to preliminary design, through design development and into construction.

“Buildings affect the ways we work, collaborate and live on a daily basis. I enjoy getting to know our clients and working with them to develop practical and creative architectural solutions that allow them to improve and enjoy their architectural interactions. Each project provides a new challenge and new opportunities for creative solutions.”

Favorite quote:  “Life is either a daring adventure or nothing”  – Helen Keller


The Pennsylvania State University

Bachelor of Architecture