A Vendor’s Perspective.

By Jim Caliendo, President & COO, PWCampbell

For many years, State financial leagues have existed for the benefit of the member banks they serve. They provide their members with education, news and information, government relations, products and services, lobbying efforts and countless opportunities for networking and professional development. But, did you realize if used correctly, they can also provide a multitude of benefits for companies who serve the financial industry? As an affiliate member, you have access to information on the latest banking trends, increased visibility through advertising and event sponsorships and valuable interaction with decision makers within the banks you are trying to do business with on a daily basis.

PWCampbell, a full service design/build firm headquartered in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, has been a participating member with the OBL for over 17 years. Over that time, our partnership has grown and evolved into an extremely successful relationship. From the dedicated board of directors to the experienced, friendly staff who handle the day to day functions, the League works hard to be the conduit of the Ohio banking industry and to foster a successful relationship between its banking members and its affiliate members. While it is obvious that budgets vary substantially among companies, involvement in the OBL can be tailored to fit your needs. The key to success is consistency with participation and involvement. There are many levels in which you can become involved and the OBL team is always open to new ideas, suggestions and creative thinking! Some of the ways PWCampbell has utilized the OBL include:

  • Endorsed Vendor Partner.
    In the fall of 2016, PWCampbell successfully completed a thorough and robust due diligence process at the hands of the OBL’s professional staff and OBL BankServices’ twelve board members –to become an approved Endorsed Vendor Partner for design/build services, demographic analysis and retail branding. We continually review our product offering and look for ways to expand our services and value propositions to the many members of the League. We have been very fortunate in doing business with member banks because of our endorsement.
  • Advertising Opportunities.
    PWCampbell makes the most of ad placement when the occasion arises. This includes not only placing ads but also submitting industry relevant articles to establish our company as a leader within our industry and to offer our expertise to the Ohio banking community.
  • Participation in events, meetings and conferences.
    The OBL offers numerous occasions throughout the year to network with key deci- sion makers with the banking arena. PWCampbell, not only attends as many events as possible, but in most cases also commits to exhibiting and sponsorships.
  • Utilizing the expertise of the staff.
    The OBL is very fortunate to have knowledgeable and dedicated team members who know their members and the Ohio banking community. There has been countless times where the OBL has made introductions on our behalf, put us in touch with a client who had a need for our services or helped us to make headway into a difficult market.
  • Professional Speaking.
    PW- Campbell continually seeks opportunities to become a leader during conventions, breakout sessions, and annual meetings through our participation as an experienced speaker. PWCampbell has presented at many events on topics such as Branch of the Future, Universal Staffing, Efficient Use of Operations Space, etc.

We are very excited to partner with OBL and continue to actively look for situations where we can provide solutions to both the League and its members. Not only have we gotten great business leads, valuable clients and enhanced awareness for our company, but we have also made quite a few friends along the way. We encourage each and every associate member to re-evaluate their role and participation with the OBL and challenge you to be a better partner in helping the League to continue to be one of the strongest and most reputable financial trade associations in the country.


James G. Caliendo is a former bank executive and now President and COO at the 107 year old design/build and retail services firm. In the past 10 years alone, under Jim’s direction, PWCampbell has influenced over 4 million square feet of financial institution locations and worked with over 175 financial institutions to create engaging, impactful and scalable solutions for every sized facility project

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