First Columbia Bank Site Selection

First Columbia Bank & Trust expands design/build partnership with PWCampbell to include site selection

Site selection is just one of the many services PWCampbell provides. With the ability to perform comprehensive demographic and competitive analyses in house, you can rest assured you are choosing a site based on marketability and buildability to minimize risk.

Interior Design


“PWCampbell built our two previous branches, so continuing our partnership for our new Danville Branch was an easy decision. We were impressed by the expertise they brought to the process as we evaluated six potential sites that would optimize our proximity to a large local hospital. Architecturally, PWCampbell was able to blend our traditional signature brand that was keeping with our newer branches and the other historic buildings in town, with a fresh and modern look for the interior. We are happy to have forged this long-standing relationship with PWCampbell and look forward to future builds with them.” – Lance Diehl, President/CEO

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