Kearny Bank Re-Branding

Kearny Bank has grown over its 131-year history to deliver banking services to northern and central New Jersey, Brooklyn, and Staten Island through 42 branch locations. Their branches have historically lacked a consistent brand presentation resulting from various acquisitions and anticipation of the re-branding for some time. They have also historically operated acquired banks as a division, which added cost and time burdens to the bank’s marketing staff.

Kearny Bank completed a re-branding campaign in 2014 that included a new name, colors, and logo. Recognizing that their branches are a key brand experience zone for their customers, they hired PWCampbell to manage delivery of a refreshed, modern brand environment around these new brand concepts.

PWCampbell developed the prototypical scope, including brand wall designs, merchandising fixtures, name signage, office identification, and drive-up elements. We then delivered the renewed environment into two branches currently undergoing renovation in Lyndhurst and Bayville, NJ. PWCampbell navigated the unique circumstances of each branch – interior colors, finishes, and potential obstructions – to apply the program successfully to each individual location. The result is a branch environment that incorporates the bank’s modern brand positioning and personality for the future.

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