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A Partnership for Urban Revitalization

When Benjamin Maguire of Emerge Real Estate was entertaining bids for G Lofts, a boutique of upscale townhomes located in Lawrenceville, PA, he confidently picked PWCampbell as his contractor of choice. According to Mr. Maguire, “PWCampbell stood out from the other contractors by submitting a budget quickly and accurately.” From that point on, PWCampbell continued to impress and prove their sincerity by presenting compelling ideas and comprehensive proposals as early as the initial meeting and continued throughout the course of the project. As a result, the development was completed within the desired timeframe, on budget and exceeded the expectations of everyone involved.

Because of the successful experience with G Lofts and the confidence that was built, Mr. Maguire did not hesitate to work with PWCampbell again on his next project – 47 Hatfield Street. This breathtaking and modern new construction development mixes the best of city living with a small close knit community atmosphere. Again, PWCampbell did not disappoint. The project was completed on time and on budget eliminating much of the stress and complications that can arise during an undertaking of this stature.


“There are a lot of moving parts during construction and a lot of money flowing around. Construction is a stressful time as an owner and I found great comfort in knowing that PWCampbell was going to deliver. I would not think twice about choosing to work with PWCampbell again.” – Benjamin Maguire, Emerge Real Estate

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